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Our vision is to bring a community of like-minded, young adult believers excited about living a dedicated life for Christ as they walk with purpose into their destiny.


TGC is a discipleship community created to educate, support, inspire, and encourage young adults who are hungry to grow in Christ and are seeking God’s will for their lives.  We are dedicated and committed to being outstanding leaders as we teach the Gospel, cultivate gifts, and walk along side the coveted members of TGC.  It is our goal, hope, and prayer that each young adult who is part of the TGC community would live a fulfilled life of purpose in obedience to God and His will for their lives.



We serve young adults who can answer an emphatic YES to the following questions: ​

  • Are you frustrated with feeling like you’re not living life to the fullest?

  • Do you believe God has a plan for you but not sure where to begin?

  • Do you want to grow spiritually and build a deeper connection with God?

  • Are you desiring to use your gifts and talents to encourage and inspire others?

  • Do you wish you had more boldness and confidence to share the Gospel?

  • Are you ready to dig deep and work hard to grow spiritually and live the life God created you to live?







  • Providing supportive leaders who focus on spiritual growth

  • Providing biblical education through deep dive Bible studies

  • Encouraging and supporting a healthy prayer life

  • Clarity on the basic principles of fasting



  • Support with identifying and clarifying God given purpose

  • Support with uncovering and cultivating personal gifts



  • Group Bible studies

  • Group Discussions

  • Group Outings and Events

  • Group Volunteering Opportunities

  • Conferences and Workshops




I am Marcia “Mission” Blair and I am a Messenger of Hope and Encouragement. What brings me deep joy is seeing young adults excited about a purposeful life in obedience to God. I am passionate about supporting and encouraging others, in particular young adults, with uncovering God’s purpose for their lives and living a wholly, uncompromised, and submitted life to God. My hope is that we would all live fully into God’s intended plan and purpose for our lives.


My mission is to disciple, influence, and inspire young adults.    I am committed to seeing a community of like-minded young adult believers excited about living a dedicated life for God as they walk with purpose into their destinies. 


WHAT trailblazers are SAYing



“In the last year of my life I have faced challenges that led me to believe I had no purpose.  TGC has wiped my spiritual lenses clean and birthed a new perspective within me.  Being a discipleship community, TGC has blessed me with new friends that aspire to grow in Christ as I do.  I’ve gained a newfound knowledge about Christ in every bible study, and a hunger and thirst for righteousness like never before.  I now know I am not alone on this journey as a young adult striving to seek God.”



“I am a young woman seeking to grow in Godliness and have dedicated my life to Christ; however, I have struggled with loneliness and the inability to form meaningful relationships with my newfound faith.  Through TGC, I have been blessed with the opportunity to have fellowship with not only Mission, a fully-committed and experienced mentor, but other adults seeking to grow in the Lord and apply His word.”



“TGC is very supportive.  I like that we all have the same exact goal, which is becoming the image that God wants us to be.  TGC helped me to be more humble and have a better mindset and mostly comfortable talking about God.  You really opened my eyes to see that God is love and full of justice and mercy.  You helped me be clear with what I want and to be forbearing and love those who criticize me.  I’ve learned the importance of forgiveness and persistence.



If you would like to learn more about TGC, we would love to hear from you.

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